Pathways to Wisdom

Listen Live on First and Third Fridays at 3:00 PM Pacific // 6:00 PM Eastern

The Pathways to Wisdom Radio Show, a production of Boomer and The Babe Inc, is featured on The Boomer and The Babe Radio Network.  Host Deborah Louise Brown will discuss with her guests their life’s journey, their body of work, and the legacy they are choosing to leave.  The themes of the show are:


We all have interesting stories to tell about the paths we have chosen. We also have tales to tell about the joys and consequences we encountered with each choice.


Peace of mind comes with clarity of purpose married to vision and mission fulfilled. Are you enjoying a peaceful and sweet existence?


We have a choice each day to live INTO our greatness.  And our greatness is informed by what we DO, how and who we LOVE, and what we BELIEVE.